Shooting the Breeze

I’m writing this on the back of a conversation with Angie, a fellow blogger and person who I respect enormously.

Angie was questioning my post from yesterday that dealt with aspirations. I can see how anyone may have misunderstood what I was actually meaning. I was questioning the way in which schools begin to sell their students ‘dreams’ at a very early age. Indeed, I was questioning those dreams and wondering if they were not some part of the overall ideology that demands that we work tirelessly towards achieving ‘our’ goals.

Are ‘our’ goals really ours or have they been placed inside out belief system from a very early age?

I believe in dreams as much of what they contain has informed my writing and life decisions. I am a dreamer and that is a perjorative term. I dream and dream; and slap myself back into wakefulness for what needs to be done. One day, I dream, people will read my books. One day.

In my dreams.

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