There Endeth The Lesson… (another memory)

Again, I find myself sitting at a desk. I am doing another one day concert at a catholic school. I have worked at a catholic school before. They tend to be conducive to peaceful learning. Kids are the same all over the world, but certain institutions change the behaviours and attitudes of their charges. There is a general politeness here that is welcome. Even the teachers seem polite.

My first catholic school experience was almost fifteen years ago. It feels as if my Tardis has just landed, not on another planet but in another time. Even the smell is the same. I cannot help but feel that this would be a good place to teach. The previous catholic establishment was a good place to practice my arts. I had students there who seemed to still hold me in high regard, and that is a warm feeling. But time, without the Tardis, will not go back upon itself.

“Don’t you ever wish,” my beautiful wife began, “that it would have been better if you had stuck at a school?”

I sat down on the bed, slumped shoulders and head. 

Another Monday morning and another school.

I have been here before; approximately a year before. That was when I had decided that I was giving it up for good; no more teaching for me. As life would have it, I had made a false promise. A year later and I am back at what should have been a forever lasting severance. I am sitting at a desk in front of a registration group and contemplating the day ahead. It’s going to be a science-fiction day.

I have spent a bit of time in dystopian futures, this probably being one of them. Perhaps for somebody who adheres only to the here and now, Sci-Fi is an anathema. What I live through on a daily basis is My-Fi. It’s less dystopian and slowly getting more utopian. But let’s see.

First group up was a surprisingly decent Year 7. I had been given a foolproof lesson plan, Page 62 and continue through the chapter on Science Fiction.

“We have already done this,” a well-presented Polish boy informed me.

“It’s okay,” I reassured him. “We’ll look at different things.”

I did what I tend to do in a default position, I talked. They listened. We shared a little interplay of ideas. We wrote ideas down. We shared ideas on a post-it. We did a little more talk. Then, we wrote a paragraph.

The lesson ended.

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