Mug Down…

I am in deep grief this morning and I blame Fate.

Fate comes in many forms and this morning it came as a set of coincidences.

I had decided to make my second mug of tea of the morning. My wife and I drink large quantities of tea in the morning as part of our waking ritual. Lately, I have been taken to make a coffee just before heading off to work.

This morning, with my favourite mug sitting on the worktop next to the crockery drainer, I did not see what fate had in store.

I had just filled the kettle. My wife had washed up any remaining crockery from the night before and left it perched non-too apparently perilously on the drainer, Jenga-like. Kettle filled, I placed it back down on the surface. Effects and dominoes happened.

One of the bowls toook this slightest of movements as an excuse to slide off its peak. Not only did it slide off but it gathered pace and used my beautiful mug as a brake. Bowl hit mug, mug shifted. I tried to reach for the mug, catch it in mid-air, but all I caught was mid-air.

Like life, the inevitable happens regardless of how little we see it coming.

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