Kick, kick, kick…

Wednesday night is now martial arts time for my wife and youngest daughter. They, together with my daughter’s friend have taken up the friendly self-defence activity of Taekwondo. And, to my wife’s surprise, they are enjoying it. Last night was sparring night which meant that they would all be paired off against each other to fake punch and kick and block (the blocking is real).

The group comprises both male and female. adults and children. The children have a reputation for being fearless and have a capacity to inflict enthusiastic pain on any unknowing grown-up. My wife is a wonderfully calm woman who would never consider a minor as a potential source of violence, but last night was an awakening.

One nice lady took took my wife to one side and told her that the young ones had to be guarded against. Her way of dealing with the three foot demons was to triple kick into the space between them as both a warning and as a sort of minesweep. That was the strategy that she wished to impart and my wife thanked her whilst hoping that she would not get any children to spar with.

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