When Is A Walk Not A Walk?

The weather is looking up and so are the heads of a number of the pious who wish to show devotion to their God. Some people will be taking a quick jaunt around the village before coming back to the parish church to thank the Lord for his resurrection. Others will be on the road to Santiago or to Rome in a bid to retrace the steps of others who, over the centuries, have shown their faith by walking through suffering.

And there’s the rub: SUFFERING.

Just what does suffering prove? How does it show a depth of belief that other less painful activities could do just as well?

Suffering is all about the endurance of pain. Sports people go through it on a daily basis, pushing their bodies to the edge of wisdom, and then going beyond. The body reacts with wise refusal, at first, but then accepts that the pain is allowing it to make gains. Perhaps our eternal souls do likewise.

Watching the episodes of a celebrity (I use that word loosely) pilgrimage (also a very loose fit), I was annoyed to see certain individuals opt out when the going seemed a little hard. Whole sections of the walk to Rome were ignored in favour of a rest and a lift from a team taxi. Even with that in mind, the non-adherents to the spirit of pilgrimage still got a certificate, presumably for being able to tip the taxi-drivers along the way.

4 thoughts on “When Is A Walk Not A Walk?

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  1. Hm yes I watched that….I always think how very fortunate for them being in a position that they can do it…paid for while being filmed and all that.
    I saw that some may have gotten some insight to or for themselves but my far too showy for me Mike.

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