Making Sense Of It All

Questions about existence and meaning have dogged my thoughts throughout my life. I was a Church of England convert, one of those they won off the council estate.

For me, Jesus was great and he saved better than Gordan Banks.

Gordan has recently died and I believe that a certain cruxification took place over two-thousand years ago. On top of this, I have a problem with major religions that almost always become subverted by their human translators into something that serves only themselves.

As a result, I have been spending the last years of my life not believing in anything spiritual. The sun rises and it sets. I get up and go to bed. I watch the world with a controlled resignation, knowing that whatever I have to say about it does not count.

Life goes on.

So why is it that I am beginning to feel that the world without the spiritual is one that lacks a little?

It’s like eating food without seasoning; I know that it is all so much nutrition, but where’s the flavour? Something is needed to ignite the senses, to titilate the taste-buds, to soothe the soul. Merely having the acceptance of the fact that small blocks of nutrition, unflavoured, will satisfy my needs is not really enough. It will do the job, but it won’t rock my ark.

And God, whatever god it is, is not really enough either. God needs to be a new experience, a thing that has been waited for, a new flavour, a taste and Ten Commandments punch of the new, the overlooked, the fussion of it all.

Or God can be as reliable as the sun also rising.

And the sun also setting.

4 thoughts on “Making Sense Of It All

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  1. One of the very few things in my childhood I’m thankful for is that my mother was not religious. I never had any doctrine hammered into me. I was able to read about different religions, meet people of different faiths and form my own ideas and opinions.
    I am very spiritual, but not religious. I agree with what you wrote, everything can be twisted and used to cause harm. (Words have power, eh?) My spirituality is a hodge podge with a lot of Native American beliefs and a bunch of eastern beliefs and a smidge of the Jewish/Christian/Moslem…the parts about kindness, love and respect.
    We are more than our bodies and minds. AI robots have bodies and minds. The essential US is spiritual and to be whole and in harmony, we need to honor that part of ourselves.
    That’s my two cents worth.

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    1. The thing I like about religion, the stuff that comes out of free-thought and is not made into an opium for everybody, is that it’s about stories and philosophy.
      Having this brief span of existence finally wakes us up to the essence of the void. And the void has no understanding of us nor we of it.
      On the other hand, we seem to spend an eternity do nothing more consequential than pushing a trolley around the aisles of our lives. I think I now understand soem of those ‘go climb a mountain types’ as you may as well because you won’t see a mountain in the void.
      Existentialism? Who’d have thought?


  2. The eternal question. You can ask God, but is he listening? If not, do you have to have faith in him/Him?
    And around and around we go, like the sun follows the moon. Or does the moon follow the sun? And on and on it goes. God knows. Or does he? Hope this clarifies matters. No?

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    1. Sort of the same as me. The reason why I thought I would nudge back towards something that is basic recognition is that it makes things a little more comfortable to understand. I don’t want heaven to await me, but I don’t want hell either. Slogging on every day, because that is what we do, doesn’t appeal either. In the end, I don’t know!


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