You Have To Buy Your Freedom

Like indentured slaves of old, we have to be prepared to buy our freedom and one of the most popular ways of doing this is through saving in a pension plan. That is sensible, it’s what a wise old Rome would advocate to its hordes of conquered souls.

The next way is to win it in the circus. I’m not talking elephants and clowns, I’m thinking gladiators and lions. Think of ripping apart to generous applause. I can see a few drawbacks with that plan.

Another thing to do would be to escape; or attempt to escape. First you have to decide how to get past the guards. Then you have to have a place to escape to. The final thing is that you must try to avoid being recaptured. Think Spartacus; good try but no chicken dinner.

In this world, the way to buy your freedom is to ‘merely’ throw off the shackles that are keeping you enslaved. It’s painful and unrewarding. It’s probably more difficult that any ‘bondage’ you have endured to date. At every turn there will be somebody or something that is ready to mock you or demand payment for your aberrant thinking.

You will suffer financially. You will be labelled as selfish and irresponsible.

You will then be free.

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