Monday Alert

Yes, as regular as clockwork.

Here it is folks, the one you’ve been waiting for. The big day, the grand daze, the end of…the weekend.

If anyone else reads this and are not from the UK, we have just enjoyed a Bank Holiday weekend; which means we got Monday off.

Aparently Monday is still on the loose somewhere, waiting to strike at any moment.

In the meantime, a note on Data:

I liked Data before he moved from Star Trek to education. I enjoyed his struggles with emotions and the need to be logical at all times. I enjoyed his ventures into what it was to be human. All in all, Data was a thoroughly good egg for an android. Then the series finished and, even though there were a few spin-off movies, he was never seen much on the screen (Independence Day aside). Then, he got a job in education. That was when he changed, changed utterly.  

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