Shifting Sands of Blogging

Another misery-clouded day has arrived. It is dressed a Tuesday but is not that.

Woden’s Day is here and its eve saw my calling my moggy in at 3.30am as the sounds of a fox barking fractured my sleep. Sure enough, one call and she came trotting to the door; tail partially plumed.

I was thinking about all those bloggers whom I have shared airtime with and now do so no more.

The magic of blogging throws up lots of new people who appear like-minded enough to share a comment, or post, or a like. Most of the people seem to be mildly confused with the lot that has been dealt to them and many are in the process of reaching within themselves before finally reaching out. This gives rise to a blossoming relationship that is punctuated with short periods of absence. Then, the line goes dead.

One of my first contacts was a wonderful woman from the States. She was full of energy, brimmed with life, replete with useful write-advice. Then one day, it stopped.

This chattering and silencing is a pattern that does the pattern thing, repeating itself unto eternity until the message has been received. It’s not an alien abduction although it could be nature’s final word. I think likelier is the dimming of the new, the boredom with the adventure, the same things spilling forth in the same way before eventually drying up.

I have had those times when the thoughts don’t come. Why write when there is nothing worthy to write about? Perhaps it’s just my daily jog, a way of keeping moderately fit, a stretch out in the open, and a wave of the hand to anyone who may be passing my way.

6 thoughts on “Shifting Sands of Blogging

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  1. I know what you mean about bloggers dropping away. I’ve been guilty of disappearing often over the past year. Health, life and Murphy’s Law have left me unable to focus on anything except the crisis in front of me. Then I get up, dust myself off, and try again.
    I’m more of a reader and commenter than a poster with my blog, so I don’t know that too many people notice my absences unless I don’t leave comments.

    How are you? I’m climbing out of another hole life put in my way. Too stubborn or too foolish to stay down…

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      1. I’m doing okay, thanks. My health is stable. I healed well from my surgery. Both of the daughters are employed, so that’s good. Ben is Ben is Ben… I don’t know if it’s the autism or just a Ben thing, but he seems to have to relearn skills we thought he’d mastered. He’s 10, so it’s not really a regression per se, more of an ‘I dont care to do this’ thing. Very frustrating.

        I won’t stay down! I may cry ‘time out’, but never ‘uncle’🙂

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