Under Blue Moon and Darko

Donnie has been on the shelf for a few years now and had become lost in lifetimes of past viewing experiences. But when we first saw it, my wife and I were caught up in its complete and utter otherness.

One of the questions that was on everybody’s lips at the time was,

“What does it all mean?”

There was never an answer that satisfied anyone.

The film (movie if you’re and American) is a slice of the odd happenings that go to make up all our lives. Time, so much an adversary in most lives, bends itself to accommodate a narrative that refuses to be linear. Just when did that jet engine fall from the sky? Answer, some time in the middle of the night.

And giant bunnies? Well they are wormhole stuff. If cats are the guardians of the underworld then bunnies are the door staff. Not everybody can get in and nobody gets out.

It’s a take on the eighties with a wonderful soundtrack that runs alongside my own version of the eighties. From Bunnymen to Tears For Fears, all my tracks through that delicious decade led towards memories that led towards other memories and then on into the subterranean world of the subcounscious. Whatever time is, it is still running within me, it’s still following endless narratives down endless holes that are guarded by fluffy-tailed beings.

So when anyone asks you what Donnie Darko is about, you be able to give the right answer:

It’s about one-hundred and eleven-minutes in length.


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