Mother of Dragons, What A Lovely Day!

Regardless of the burning. Indifferent to the destruction. Because of the insanity, we wake to greet another morning. And what a spring morn is it, set in its colours of green and gold.

Anyway, meantime, and elsewhere, while the fortifications and populace of King’s Landing burn, the rest of the world turns. And perhaps the most important concern of all is my intended trek to a Quaker house of prayer for a special meditation. I know what I am letting myself in for, but hey?

  1. Middle-class women who have never had to work.
  2. Special meditation pants and tops.
  3. Real meditation mats (purchased some years ago when they did India).
  4. Convivial greetings with the crowd that do all the latest life-credentials. Tomorrow is tennis and the day after is cake-baking.
  5. Healthy skin, healthy tan, healthy bank accounts.
  6. The ‘did you hear’ moments of new holidays, kids gaining access to Oxbridge, marriages.
  7. Oh, hugs and side-face kisses.
  8. Intense thought, being lost to time, I know I look good in this meditation gear.
  9. The ‘I deserve’ this thoughts as I work really hard even though I do not work and have a cleaner, and have a gardener, and have an au pair.
  10. The conversation that we will have later over wine moment: who was that strange guy in jeans and a scruffy top?

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