Twenty Years Just Went By…

Twenty years ago and none of what has happened since had happened:

  1. Manchester United rose and rose in success before their present decline.
  2. The house that we built from within was still the declining shambles that served as a fortress for a hermit.
  3. Our eldest daughter had still to go to pre-school.
  4. Our middle daughter was still to see the light of existence.
  5. Our youngest one was still just a notion in the universe of possibilities.
  6. The Twin Towers were still standing.
  7. The invasion of Iraq had not taken place.
  8. The rise of terrorism had not risen.
  9. A goodly number of our best foreign holidays had not happened.
  10. The rise and rise of the far right was still but a demon’s dream.
  11. The death of a toddler, washed up on the beaches of Greece, had not yet touched the world’s hearts and then its bile.
  12. Lots of people were still alive.
  13. Lots of people were still to be born.
  14. I had not yet scraped the bottom of my anxiety.
  15. I had not then climbed out of it.
  16. And much, much more… Life, eh?

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