Little White Lies

If I said that I was going to climb Mount Kiliminjaro, he would be jogging up and down Mount Everest for the weekend. There is absolutely nothing that I can do that he has not done in a different format. I run, he power walks, I cycle, he’s cycled, I write, he paints. The only difference between us is that I actually think that I do these activities rather than dream about them.

So, I’m brushing up my lack of conversational skills for another journey into work. At just short of one hour, it lasts a lifetime. After a few ‘good mornings’ I settle back for a twenty-five minute monologue. We move through favoured conversations, walking, marking, retiring, and teaching. I manage this without having to utter a word. When the car eventually reaches sixty yesterday, I am tempted to throw myself out.

Once or twice we have been joined in the appreciation of nature. I spot a kestrel while he sees it as a pterodactyl. Cars are the same as I see a nice Landrover Discovery and he says he hates those and prefers the 1975 version. I read the more current literary offerings, he reads kitchen sink stuff from the 1960s.

Yesterday I mentioned that I may go out for a cycle when I got back. He told me that I ought to do so as I had not completed the hundred-mile walk that he did over the holiday. I didn’t do the cycle and only walked to the pub for a rescuing pint.

This morning I will tell him that I managed 3,000 miles on my bike, up Everest, in reverse, with a passenger on the back.

6 thoughts on “Little White Lies

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    1. An ecstacy or personal economics. Oh, and take that shit of a president back across the waters please. All that bunch of Nazis are sharing the same vehicle as well. 1930s deja vu?


      1. I didn’t vote for that joke. Actually, the majority of people didn’t vote for him but we have an antiquated system called the Electoral College that counts more than the popular vote. Anyway…yeah, the whole lot of them are fascists. Very 1930s…VERY freakin scary!

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      2. I was up in the middle of the night when I wrote that and after I had written it I could not get back to sleep. When things happen again, when will anyone realise? And where do we run?

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      3. I hope that with all the phones and cameras everywhere that it will be a lot harder to hide anything as horrible as the camps of WWII. There are a lot of people who oppose all the crap that going on right now. Even some of the Trump supporters are turning on him. 2020 is an election year here in the states. Fingers crossed that enough people realize what’s going on and we are some change.
        You guys in UK are dealing with a lot of the same xenophobic crap we are. There’s nowhere to run to, unless you want to live out in the wilderness and I’m thinking you guys in UK don’t have near as much wilderness as we do.
        I try not to think about it too much. I do what I can. I vote, I speak out when I see crap in public and I hope, hope, HOPE!

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