Writing a review.

I have written reviews of novels in the past and some people may have read them. I’m not a mover and a shaker in the world of lit/crit and what I say doesn’t need to be considered.

I was handed a novel the other week that had a strange title. It was set during the Second World War and had a young Jewish girl as the main protagonist. It started well, all escape attempts and that. It moved on a little more into a secondary character who was a high ranking German who was a British spy. Then it moved into a girls boarding school for the daughters of important Nazis. Mallory Towers meets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Shysters.

And it got a little tedious after that. I will stick with it as the author was a debut writer and he sold quite a number of copies. In truth, I cannot write a review as I am not in the position of being a qualified writer or critic.

However, I did start reading Enduring Love by Ian McEwan and the opening chapter blew me away. This is not a sick play on words or action but a true response.


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