Part of my submission

AWOL, The Story Of Adam, is a dystopian novel set in the near future when wars and climate change have remade the world. No longer an logical world, civilization has compacted itself into small and isolated colonies. One such is the Citadel that is run by a government called The Family. 

The Citadel is a fortress city state whose purpose is to develop boys through its academy. Relentless learning takes place alongside iron-clad assessment. Every year brings about final exams and those students who do not meet the required standard are disposed of. There are no distractions as sport is outlawed and girls do not exist. There are mothers who take care of the house and sons, but no daughters. 

Into this world was born Adam. He is a supreme student who comes from good stock; his father was a respected member of the government. Unfortunately, Adam’s older brother decided that the Academy was not for him so he became an AWOL (Absent Without Learning). It was only the Father’s position that saved the family from punishment and, even after Father died, the family still retained privileges; Father’s essence was recreated in the form of a House-Bot who helped with all the duties around the house whilst keeping an eye on their wellbeing.  

Everything was going well with Adam becoming a star student. That was until the Finals started to appear on the horizon and his grades started to fall away. Failure was not an option yet it did not seem likely that it could be avoided. 

Your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Part of my submission

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  1. I love a good dystopian story. I like the education angle. My question is how are there mothers but no daughters? Who will be the next mothers?
    I’m assuming this will be answered in the story.
    When are you publishing it?

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  2. Good thoughts from BKG. Mine is/are- relentless pressure never bodes well for humanity, no wonder all is not well in Adam’s garden. Sounds like a genre crossover Sci-fi/fantasy/drama.

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