Feedback and the Noise.

Just A Quick Note on Feedback

1.      uncountable noun

If you get feedback on your work our progress, someone tells you how well or badly you are doing, and how you could improve. If you get good feedback you have worked or performed well.

Continue to ask for feedback on your work.

I was getting great feedback from my boss.

     2. uncountable noun

 Feedback is the unpleasant high-pitched sound produced by a piece of electrical equipment when part of the signal that comes out goes back into it.

This morning started with a little friendly chat on FEEDBACK. I’m thinking guitars here, when there is something not quite right. I’m thinking a blaring noise, an electronic scratching of fingernails across a blackboard. It’s normally a connection, or a faulty amplifier. Whatever it is it is an unwanted interruption in the melodious death metal thrashing of an electric guitar.

The meeting started with me in the dark. They normally end with me in the dark, but this time I had turned all the lights off so that I could sit in the security shadows. That’s when they all came rushing in. We had a meeting, it was Wednesday and not the Thursday that I had taken this twenty-four hour section for.   

“Feedback, everybody. I know that you all do this,” (first lie) “and I know that you all have different ways of giving it,” (second lie) “so, I just thought I would pop into your meeting to see what you are doing, folks.” Third lie, but no the last. 

And that’s how our little meeting on FEEDBACK started. It started with a “folks”.

Now, I’m definitely not a ‘folks’ or even a ‘folk’. On my best days I’m a fellow (rather nice fellow the cleaner informed me as the hoover crept around my room at the end of the day. She told me that it was a shame that I was leaving and asked me why. I lied (fourth lie) and said that it was too far for me to travel. That was a shame, too.

She then went onto ask me where I lived, what my wife did, had I any children, ‘all girls? Did you want a son?’ I truly didn’t think that we had a choice in the matter. I won’t get started on this nonsense about men needing sons, it’s undignified and stupid in the extreme; the kind of thing asked at an ISIS relationship counselling session. Anyway, it was nice to get a little personal feedback on my personality.

If the nice woman had told me that I wouldn’t be missed because I was an unlikeable arsehole, I would not have welcomed that feedback as readily, and I would not have referred to her as a ‘nice old woman’ but as a ‘hag’.

So, when the head of Teaching and Learning (we have not made it to the heady heights of Learning and Teaching – did you at the back spot that one? Clever, eh?) popped in to have a friendly chat, the rest of the day seemed set to flow into a drain of nonsense.

It turns out that the kids aren’t getting enough of it, FEEDBACK.

I now have the guitar and faulty amp at the ready. 

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