Rain, rain, go away…

The sun had his hat on and my youngest daughter and I went out for a cycle. As we set off the threat of bad weather was on the horizon, so I made sure that we would be cycling on a circular route never more than nine miles from home.

It still surprises me how threrapeutic this exercise is.

My youngest hadn’t been on her bike for a few months and in that time she has grown. Our garage is packed with bikes of all sizes, so she had her pick. She chose a road bike with 27 gears that was both good for flat and for the not so flat.

I bought this bike for a bargain price at the beginning of the year and now we are seeing the benefits of it. My youngest one took a little time getting accustomed to the gears but then she was cycling like a professional(a slight fatherly exaggeration).

The morning started off breezy and cold before warming up. At the end of the ride I decided to complete her rite of passage by visiting a cycle cafe that serves the best latte and cheesecake this side of heaven. We sat in the window seat, watched other cyclists, watched the sun shining, and counted our good fortune.

How is it that a simple cycle ride can bring about such contentment?

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    1. Thanks you. Here too. And I have had a truly wonderful day. All of it out of the blue. Remember to enjoy the simple (little) things, Rule 32 Zombieland.


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