Man Is Born Free…

But everywhere he is in chains.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

It is a universal truth that mankind likes to have boundaries. We need laws, rules, and expectations. We need codes and conventions, rights and wrongs. We need punishments and discipline. We need codes of conduct and commandments. We need an ironclad God, gods, tyrants, or merely dictators. We need to be kept in our places, controlled by our duties, and kept from ourselves. Why?

Because we are creatures of excess. Once we’ve tasted the fruit we wish for it everyday. We then wish for more fruit. And in addition to that, we wish for fruit that is fermenting or has fermented. Once ‘off our tits’ we either fight or slumber. We are the beast that knows itself to be werewolf and, in knowing, chains itself to the walls each time the full moon threatens.

We are also the most idle inheritors of the terrible curse called freewill. Freewill demands action of us. It demands thought, and thought is painful. It demands decisions from each and every one of us. It demands the scales of justice to be brought out, the weighing up of ethics, the rejection of the easy route. But after short decades of the harder way, we choose to fall back on the less arduous adventure of giving our freewill to others to administer how they will.

These dictators, takers of devilish decisions, are the default settings of our wish to slumber. They are our escape from responsibility and having to think too much. They are the prophets of jealous gods who wish for men and women to give up their bothersome freewill and take, instead, the fermented fruit that they have to offer.

Concentrate on your Mexican children’s camps.

This way we can sit in chains all of our lives and believe that we are blessed.

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  1. Much of the world has already chosen to be chained to its dictators i.e. facebook, instagram and twitter. So addicted are we to projecting ourselves for validation that when the apocalyptic fires rain down, instead of running for our lives, we’re going to be taking pictures of ourselves to show the world we were there when it happened.

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