Rituals and a Bike

While some go to church on the Sabbath in order to thank the Lord for all that is good in the world (best to forget the bad things), I like my own rituals.

Sunday is a day of rest. Unless you are the owner of a smart new bicycle and have a wife or daughters who enjoy the Sunday morning air. This morning was our youngest daughter’s ride out and I must say that her dedication is really quite impressive.

Our ritual is a decent route of around twenty miles, taking in hills and country roads that are mainly shorn of cars. We normally see lots of other cyclists who happen to own even smarter, and much more expensive bikes that we do. Just yesterday, whilst stopping for a drinks’ break, a pint of cider, three other cyclists with the same refreshment needs cycled off on what I reckoned to be around £15,000 + of bikes. The sport is, like other leisure activities, being dominated by consumer purses and ability to purchase.

I have always been a Bargain Bill who actively seeks out the best deals and shows them off. It’s a sort of badge of honour for me to be able to show just how eagle-eyed I am when saving money is at stake. In soem ways, it makes me happy.

On happiness and the Sunday cycle, I was interested to read an article in a cycling magazine about daily happiness. A rather famous cyclist wrote about her happiness scores, which she kept on a daily basis. She basically recorded a score out of ten, with one being the most unhappy and ten being near on delirious. I liked this idea and am going to put it into action.

At the moment, I am a goodly eight!

4 thoughts on “Rituals and a Bike

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  1. Eight is good! I’m currently at a two, because King Ben, with the dog, charged into my room and demanded my attention at 4am (two hours ago) and after trying to convince him to play quietly I finally stomped out of the room.
    I’m having my coffee now, so I expect my score to go up. Maybe a blueberry scone would add another point or two?
    Thinking about tomorrow and the glorious little yellow school bus will add more happiness. Thank goodness for summer session at his school.
    I agree that getting a good deal is something to be proud of.

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      1. I’m glad you’re not taking the rejection badly. It’s difficult not to feel *personally* rejected, even though we all know that a writer make get dozens of rejections before their work finds a home.
        Go you!!!

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