Try, Try, Try Again

The rain is falling and Captain Candy will soon be arriving. The dread of his conversation has already seeped into my mood.

At the moment, I am a 5 on the mood scale.

Reasons to be cheerful:

I have only three weeks of Candy left;

I had a great weekend;

The weather is set to improve;

I have a wonderful wife and daughters;

I have a lovely new bike that takes me up hills at a breeze;

The world is still my table of tapas;

Still have plenty more submissions out there.

4 thoughts on “Try, Try, Try Again

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  1. It is 3am PDT and although this is much too early to be awake, I am happy because it is Monday and the glorious little yellow school bus will be here in about four and a half hours. Sweet peace and freedom!
    If your happy-o-meter starts to slip, I’d suggest Mr Gabriel and Solsbury Hill again. It certainly cheered me yesterday. In fact, my heart is still going boom boom boom 🙂

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