It’s a 7, and set to improve…

There is a little sun in my life as it is set to go Candy-free this morning. Car-share be damned. This day I drive myself and am liberated from the intense boredom of sweet-talk.

As such, it is an immediate 7.

Now it’s on to a decent day.

According to newspaper reports Europe (including the UK for the time being) is going to be hit with a weather bomb, a blast from hell, an infernal inferno. For us in the temporary part of Europe, this means that we will get a spot of sunshine between the showers. In real (permanent) Europe, things are set to get an awful lot worse.

I like the sun and am happy at its arrival, but I do worry for the world in which dramatic weather events become the norm. I wonder what the great white chief in the great Whitehouse has to say about that.

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