From Zero…

You are the first.

Could be that I’m starting to go all ‘Game of Thrones’ on your blogs and immediately descend into talking about the first of your name, the night being dark and full of terror, or the obvious being that ‘winter is coming’. Well it ain’t necessarily so.

What is so is the fact that you are the first reader of my blog today. It was always thus and it will always be so. Every day is a new one. Nothing is left over from what went before. There is no residue to remind us of what we did yesterday.

I have yet to see the Richard Curtis film called Yesterday. Although the critics have been lukewarm about it, I love the concept. Waking up and finding that something of major cultural significance, such as the Beatles, never existed, or has been forgotten, rings my bell. Just what would have happened if all of their hard day’s nights had been confined to the smoky darkness of bars in Liverpool or Munich?

It’s a Wonderful Life concept, one that applies to all of us. Although this telling does not give us the consolation of lives worth lived, but the consideration of those pieces of luck and coincidence that serve to help make certain pathways for our lives rather than others; routes that fail to even reach conception? Phew! Long sentence, eh.

I like to begin some paragraphs with ‘So’, for which I blame Mary Poppins.

So, the needle pulling my thread this morning is the one that is pulling together a semblance of resilience. Resilience is still one of those buzz words used in business and education, and true meaning is ‘shit happens, deal with it’.

I like this woman and her husband, but it is an easy thing to say and not so easily enacted.

I think that today has brought me to a self-reflective 7 on the MikoMood Scale. And 7 is pretty good for a man who finds it still difficult to deal with failure.

“Nice but no thanks” came through on an email yesterday. That makes three literary agents who have declined my submission. Not a lot of rejections but just enough to wobble my steady 7. I reacted in the only way possible and that was to send off another submission.

I have belief in AWOL.

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