Almost Out Now…

In a world where war, terrorism and world-wide tidal waves have reshaped existence, change is coming, in a most surprising form. Separated from other societies, the people of The Citadel continue their lives under the constant watch and care of The Family. Nobody knows better about what the people want and need. Behind the walls, boys go to The Academy. They study and study until their lessons have been completely learnt. At the end of every year, they are assessed. For those who do well, they get to graduate into the following year, but for those who fail…well failure is not an option. 

There is no escape. Out beyond the walls is nothing more the Margins, a world of water, inundations, and savage beasts. Only the TTs (Truancy Teams) go there in order to recapture AWOLs (Absent Without Learning). Nobody gets to escape The Finals.

For Adam, the world seemed set for his family’s redemption from the sin of an elder brother who fled. Only the Father’s good name saved the family and when he died he was remade as a House Bot that could serve and observe.

Adam, both gifted and hardworking, was always top of his year, until the last few months before his finals. His grades began to drop and kept on dropping. The Academy saw this and welcomed it as the ultimate retribution. Nobody escaped The Finals.

Unless you meet a girl, but girls were not meant to exist.

Dear Mike

Thank you for submitting your new novel AWOL, The Story of Adam which seems very impressive indeed. From the opening it was refreshing to see that you have continued with the same personable, intimate tone that made Read After Burnout Adventures in Everyday Madness such an enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding read. Like your previous submission this is once again a professional and fully-formed piece of work.
The style has pace and readability, and a first-class narrative technique which captures the reader’s attention instantly, and which most readers would find highly accessible. This fact alone places the book head and shoulders above others of the same type. Your grasp of literary expression and understanding of how to engage with a reader through emotive and contemplative prose is refreshingly accomplished. As expected then, AWOL, The Story of Adam is another superb piece of literature, and yet another shining example of your talents as an author and storyteller. 

Nice critique and I’d like to believe that some of it is true. Unfortunately, it was from a Kindle Publisher who charged for their services.

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  1. Hello Mike! I bought your book and wanted to contact you privately about it, but I can’t find a contact me on your website? No need to post it here (and no need at all if you don’t want to) but if you’re on Twitter, I’m @EmmaCBaird.

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