Some People Feel The Rain…

Others just get wet.

Apparently this refers to being in the moment as opposed to pasing through it without noticing or thinking about it. Joanne Reed wrote this on my owning reposting of Hope For a Dystopian Future. It’s obvious that I am just waking up and that my writer’s mind is still fast asleep somewhere else.

Anyway, back to English. And clear thinking.

For the life of me, I couldn’t discern the meaning of the comment. I liked it, but it was playing all kinds of echo games with me. I kept repeating it over and over and it kept coming back vaguer and vaguer. Without tea, the world don’t work.

Rain has dominated the last few days here; it’s England, in summer. Rain has been coming down in deluges and carrying off bridges and whole roads. I only wish that Trump could be doing a caravan vacation in our soon to be disunited kingdom. ‘He sleeps with the fishes’ …well, he tries it on with almost anything. But, back to rain and getting wet or just feeling it.

The hope for dystopia stuff was about my book, Awol, the first of the Floodlands novels. As I have said in previous posts, I think it rocks. At the moment, some people, some few, some happy few, are reading it and, hopefully coming ot the same opinion. How many commas in a sentence? Just feeling the love…of punctuation there! And there.

More tea down me and more of me on the page.

So, yesterday I was thinking about my just launched novel. I was thinking about how even at 99p only a few would buy it. I was thinking about the mindset of people that I ‘know’ on Facebook who would have seen it and ignored it.

Jesus, this took me some time. It took hours to get it ready to ‘put it out there’ while pictures of dogs, music videos, holiday snaps, or just ‘me in the garden with a beer’ get noticed, liked and commented upon. It’s a book, and books don’t write themselves. And when it’s all done and you try to get an agent, and they turn you down (some nice and some by pretending that you don’t exist), you feel the rain. And you get wet to the bone.

Welcome to the floodlands of an author’s tears…

2 thoughts on “Some People Feel The Rain…

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  1. There’s a sad truth in what Mike has said about the effort that goes into writing a book, editing and publishing – not even your friends will notice.

    If I baked a cake, everybody would want a slice. I’m sure my friends would eat it, even if it was a terrible cake. If I wrote a book (which I did), how many people I know do you think would buy it and read it?

    Half? Quarter? One in ten? Not even close, maybe about 1%.

    If you have a writer friend who has published something, don’t just click ‘like’, or just say ‘congratulations’, go out and buy it, read it, tell them something you like about it.

    Don’t be 99%. Don’t leave them in the rain. Put a bit of sunshine in someone’s life.

    Why? Because friends support friends.

    (Mike, just bought your book!)

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