Thoughts from the Writer

This morning, I read with interest the words of a certain Liam Flowers upon my writing. I must say that it has come as a pleasant surprise that he has been able to so succesfully turn his fate around and that he is seeking help for one of his addictions.

As the ‘father’ of Flowers, I understand his resentment. He was pulled into a world that was always going to be difficult. Granted, I gave him incredibly potent armoury as protection, but my intention was not for him to go on and succeed in the manner that he did; at least he got his comeuppance later. And now he finds himself at the end of his downward journey. He has pulled himself together, started a business, found himself a partner ‘of sorts’ and is purifying himself. In truth, I liked the old Flowers.

So, what is one to do as a repentant anti-Christ? Liam did the only thing he could do, he started his own detective agency with his leather friend, the late James Harrison. “No dead leads left unturned.” I wrote that for him…I think. It is their aim in life, or what passes for a life for a Leatherman, to investigate those crimes that are deemed to be of little importance to the authorities. Didn’t Harrison himself die in his armchair and remain undiscovered for a couple of decades? Liam has still got a bit of the magic that I embued him with, so they should do well, now that he’s shaken off the booze.

Dear Liam,

A father can bring you into the world, but he can’t control how you experience it. You’re a big lad now, you must lead the way.


Mike Evans

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