99p What does it get you?

If Steve Jobs had something to say, read it!

Read After Burnout

Bottle opener keyring. Note to self: opening beer bottles with your teeth is bad! We’ve all tried it, but spare your teeth and always have a handy bottle opener on your keyring.

Print photos.Print off those precious selfies with friends, family and pets and fill photo albums or pin boards. Visit sites likeSnapfishwhere you can currently buy ten prints for just under £1!

Travel somewhere new.If you can’t afford Ibiza this summer, then a UK road trip is a great budget vacation alternative.Megabusseats start at an incredible £1. You’ll have to be flexible and plan in advance, but it’s hard to beat £1 for travel.

Inflatable novelty party accessories.Inflatables are always fun for a party, decorating your room and even as a costume accessory. Pick up a great selection of inflatables, including everything fromparrots and flamingos to giraffes and guitars, from 99p…

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