Writing Addiction…

The Apple welcomes me. It shines into life, twinkles and then sits blankly.

At just after six in the morning I have been summoned to wake it. During the shallows of sleep, an idea came to me and would not go away. Liam Flowers in my head again!

Let’s get this right, I am not an apocalypse junky. I am a developing writer and have experienced a somewhat prolonged gestation period. I was told about a fourteen year old girl who has already written a best seller. This was another cyclist’s entry into a conversation about my latest book on Amazon.

I had not initiated the chat. That had been a neighbour who had seen some of my homemade marketing on Facebook. I was pleased that the girl was brought into the conversation as it allowed me to measure my development against somebody a quarter of my age. Minor success turns to major fault in the wag of a tongue.

I cycled like a madman after that, possibly to prove my credentials and manhood.

And now I sit in front of the hallowed screen which provides no answers, but lots of questions.

“And The Mac said unto Mike, go forth and multi-write for thine is the kingdom of dreams and you will suffer the eternal moment when, having reached the top of the precipice, when thy fingers have touched the top, when all of thy development has been achieved, you will be thrown down again for men (and women) to mock.”


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