Trying to get Amazon onside…

I am trying everything to get my books noticed. That is apart from biblical exchanges.

Emma Baird, she of Highland Fling, gave me some good advice this morning and I am following it. Thanks, Emma.

This does not mean that I am taking to the romance genre, although a number of my books have romance in them; I like a little love between characters.

This last week I have been bringing people back from the dead and giving them fresh chances. Liam Flowers and his leather friend have made it successfully into North Wales. They first appeared as characters in the the heady days of my early teaching career. They waited for a number of years before I wrote a world for them to inhabit. Liam is a bit of an anti-christ and his leather mate if a mummified corpse. This week, they have started running a detective agency in Wales and I wish them well.

They have, to my consternation, requested that I keep my nose out of their business as, as Liam explained, “We wish to have agency.” He’s a clever little anti-Christ who has never quite forgiven me for the redemptive episode I insisted that he went through. He quite enjoyed being evil.

So, hopefully, in the next twenty-four hours, the first book of the revised Piper series will be out there as a Quickread.

Many thanks Emma. As soon as I break into my wife’s account for Amazon, the sooner I will write a review for Highland Fling.

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