Trying To Become A Writer Part 3

The first part of The Piper saga takes the reader into a pre-apocalyptical world that begins in a school, in a town like any other. Just imagine if, fermenting in the troubled ganglands of our modern housing estates is the essence of evil; a new anti-Christ born out of the world’s indifference? Writing in a manner of Stephen King, Mike Evans lifts horror to a new but all-too recognisable level. It is a hell of our own making, and one that needs three fatherless sons to confront.

The Piper is that dark essence that invades the lives of those who are most vulnerable. With it will not only be death and destruction, but a whole new world order and a desent into an apocalytical world that only a child’s mind could conjure. Inspired by true events and literary explorations, Evans goes into the darkest heart of our worst imaginings and carves a tale of willing participants in the turning of the world. 
Liam Flowers is the quintessence of malignity. And what makes it worse is that his newly-acquired intellect finds the nature of his own evil captivating. He even has the power to raise the dead whilst persuading the living.
So, what can Laura Andrews, and her three sons, do to stop him? 
If The Piper has given his disciple powers to change the world, there is something working on the side of those that would stand against it.
Epic storytelling meets spellbinding writing and unforgetable characters. 

A must read for fans of thrillers, the supernatural, psychological, or just plain old horror in all its guises.

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