What To Pray To?

Or is it dairy-producers in general?

Read After Burnout

I stopped believing in God when my mind fried. I’d always liked the idea of thee being a higher power, a reasonable arbitrator who could step in and solve some of our worse aspects. There is no doubting that mankind is a motley crew.

I have said prayers every night since I was a very small child. I am six-foot-three-inches now so you get the drift about the length of my devotion. I say them now out of routine and perhaps a little ritual.

The last few weeks, I haven’t been sleeping well. The witching-hour sees my sleepless form rise, descend the stairs, and log-on. It takes a few moments for the Apple to also wake. When it does so, I search the Kindle publishing section to see if my books have miraculously taken-off.

The answer is always indifferently the same.

This morning found me wishing that I had given…

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