At The Races…

My daughter, who has just finished Bio-Chemistry at a top university, is now looking for work. To fill in the time, and to provide much needed cash, she is employed as a waitress at various horse-racing meetings. These are places where an awful lot of people go to spend and awful lot of money. And many of them are lacking in an awful lot of what we deem to essential for success within our society: manners, education, and a little style.

“The amount of money that they spend is obscene,” she told us this morning.

People don’t seem to be worried about spending thousands and thousands on a day out watching small men ride big horses whilst placing large bets on long odds. One man, yesterday, placed £3000 on a collection of steeds and came away with £170,000! That’s a good day out.

These people are not, on the whole, the privileged elite that we may associate with such events and monetary outlay. No, many are just ‘normal’; if normal is not having a university education or having been brought up to regard learning as the one path that will get you there.

Getting money does not need qualifications, good behaviour, or a decent moral code.

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