Unburying The Dead…

I’m on the case this morning. At first, I was a little shocked by how poorly I had written it. Then I forgave myself (my old self) and started to put things right. At times, I punch the air because of something that I wrote all those years ago. Love it.

Me to King Ben’s Grandma

That’s awesome that you’re reading your story with fresh eyes and enjoying it. Pretty cool that since you wrote it you can change things around.😉

King Ben’s Grandma to me.

An extract:

The first night they set up camp, she flitted between keeping her vigil and sleeping in her secret place. Even if anybody had made their way into the school, they would not find her. On the second day of their stay, Lucy watched more intently, determined to make a decision as to whether or not to join them. There were about eighty of them, amongst whom were a number of children. They didn’t look like families, but it was obvious that the children were being cared for. Many of the them looked as if they were in their early teens, some still having remnants of what looked like school uniform. All of them, apart from the woman with the very young child, rode bicycles. The woman had a tricycle on which was attached a child-carrier. If it had not been for The Purge, this could have been an adventure holiday, but could anyone reach such giddiness ever again? She thought not. What surprised her most was the fact that they were such a cross-section of what used to be known as society. From young to old, it could have been a shopping list from the arc. There was much that could be gained from joining with such a group but, still she watched.

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