Proud To Present…Pent-Up Productions…

I know that I use this platform to advertise much of my writing. And I apologise.

The stuff that I am now producing has come about as a result of years of pent-up creativity. Writing on this platform helped to release my inner-self whilst expressing my outer-self to an audience who is non-judgemental. Along the way, I learnt a lot about writing.

This last enterprise, The Purge Part 2, has been particularly pleasing. In essence, it had been buried for over a decade until I dug it up, dusted it down, was amazed at the poor standard of some of the writing, and decided to present it with punctuation that was suitable. In doing so, I realised that it was, indeed, a damn fine tale and one that deserved to reach a wider audience.

If any of you want free copies of any of my books, I will run a competition, on a weekly basis, concerned with events within those tomes. I think that that is a fine idea.

In the meantime:

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