A Troubling Delivery…

It took a while. It took two false pushes. It took the creation of twins when only one should have been there. Now, somebody has the pair, but they’re not fully formed.

Part 2 of The Purge is my favourite so far.

I picked over the dusted corpse of my previous text, marvelled at its failings, then grafted on fresh hope. The result, I hope, is a wonderful creation that takes the reader into a world that resonates in all its aspects: new characters arrive, old ones return, and the threat remains.

But the resistors have more than their hunters assume. They have a boy who is also an archangel and a little girl who can save the damned.

The good are not always the weak.

It is a must read.

And let’s not forget ROMANCE.

Oh, and I changed the cover.

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