Getting Older…

I woke before the alarm. It wasn’t that the alarm was sleeping, more so that it was waiting.

After the initial acceptance that I would sleep no more, I sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes, stretched, and half-yawned; the working week had arrived.

Yesterday has now gone. With it went my yesterday thoughts. And those thoughts were the confusions of all the other yesterdays. I saw a sign advertising a local school.

The sign was on a roundabout but it proudly announced the three heavy portents that it held for anyone wishing to go there. One of those was RESILIENCE. If you are going to succeed in life, you have to have resilience; without it there is nothing.

I went for a ‘run-walk’ with the family. That’s wife and three daughters. It was the last of the summer days and whatever determined the weather decided that it would be gloriously sunny. Before we truly started the ‘walk-run’ I managed to get into a slight argument with my wife. She ran off with two of the girls and left me to walk along the woodland path with my eldest girl. At some stage, I decided to run. I ran and kept some distance between my family and myself. I ran to give me a little distance from myself as well. I ran to beat the tiredness from the previous day’s cycling.

Shopping for Sunday Lunch, I bumped into an old football acquaintance and we chatted. The conversaton was about battling on. Two people’s deaths were mentioned. The secret was just to continue. We said goodbye and wished each other well with whatever else was waiting for us.

This morning, I woke before the alarm as a way of getting the jump on it.

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