Purge Free…

Today and tomorow, my latest installment is free. I am doing this as I am trying to build a readership base, but I feel more like a homeless writer with a begging bowl.

The fact is that I am not homeless. If I thought that writing would become a career, I would most certainly be homeless. But the thing is that I truly believe that my writing has merit. I was turned down by an agent this week for my book AWOL. ‘I liked the concept but the narrative didn’t grab me.’ Fuck me, it was full of grabbing. Indeed, I put so much grabbing in there that I thought that I had over-grabbed the whole story. Knocked but not out of the ring. I have to continue. I think it’s what I do. Just because a so called expert says that they haven’t been grabbed by your brickwork doesn’t mean that you stop building the house. It was always your house to build and it remains your house.

Now, I’m not saying that The Purge is the best book in the world, but it is a good little read. Think Stephen King by a Brit. Think of those characters who don’t accept the populist creed. Think Leathermen.

Think Free!

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