The Dead of Winter…

An extract from The Purge Part 3

High up in the branches of one of the trees, she saw a form. She activated the zoom and brought the object into question. To her horror, the form that she had captured was that of a human being that was dangling upside down from a thick branch which it had been tied to. A wave of revulsion swept over her and her knees began to feel weak. A familiar dread was beginning to rise within her as the camera picked out yet more corpses dangling like decorations on Christmas trees. Then she picked out movement. The trees, she now realised, were alive with other forms that were crawling along their black branches. The forms were recognisable as children, children who had been conceived of an evil mind, and they were descending to the forest floor on which she was standing. The entire forest was alive now and she was at its centre. A hand grabbed at her heart, squeezed tight, yet she was relieved to discover that it was only her inner warnings telling her to run. She did not respond. Instead, she remained still.

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