A Surge on The Purge…

Overnight has seen a surge in people taking up the free promotion on The Purge. Obviously, it is part of a series so readers may wish to acquaint themselves with what went prior to the latest edition. The Book Of Hearts was first with four quick-reads.

Thanks to those readers who are already fans of The Piper and could I ask that you share it with family and friends, work colleagues, or just passing strangers.

He didn’t like the snow. It fell like fat confetti and reminded him of things that should have been forgotten. 

He shivered under the covering of a rough horse blanket and lay on a bed of hay. The strange smell that reached his nostrils was not the smell of the barn, nor the pungency of the many rats that lay around him, their bodies now recovering their promised banquet. No, the stench that crawled over him was his of his own making, or unmaking if anyone had been around to be pedantic. He was decomposing. His inner organs had started the decline, had slowly casseroled in their own juices, and formed noxious gases that would escape him at the merest opportunity. Now his skin was following, taking on the aroma of old cheese, flaking and falling. He was dead. 

The Piper had promised him life eternal. The calls had begun long before the woman, who called herself his wife, had noticed. The calls started long before he had ever met her and they would continue long after she was dead. But for her, death would be eternal. Death would be the final full-stop.

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