Train of Thought…

I was about to start this post with a little introduction to my rather contented state of mind. Since waking, it has been like a warm blanket around me and I haven’t shaken it off. I am still wearing it now. Even the gremlin, that has taken up residence in my Apple, has failed to de-blanket me.


“When love comes to find me, I’ll be running simply to find out just what all the fuss was all about.”

It’s an eighties song that slipped into my head during the shallows of early morning sleep. I haven’t a clue who sang it. If you know, please help me because I can’t move on without knowing.

Those things are known as ear-worms. They creep in a provide a looped soundtrack for the rest of the day.

This bloody gremlin is a persistant little tyke. It waits until I have typed a bit and then it sneaks in with ts rainbow circle, revolving in a fashion that could only be described as taunting. So, now I am at war with gremlins. Down with the varmints. I’ll build a wall, leave a union, isolate myself. It is gremlins that caused all of the chaos and it is gremlins that will suffer. I shall drop the mother of all mothers on them until they are removed from all interactions with my Apple, my posts, and my life.

Now that I have established my intent, I shall move back to my train of thought.

Now, what was that?

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