Dragged Off A Train…

Some guys who thought it fit to climb onto a the roof of a tube carriage were dragged off and beaten (they were protesting against our surge towards global catastrophe). Around them were individuals who were baying for blood. It was a shared experience, all colours and creeds were there.

And thank whatever is currently residing in the place that was previously known as heaven, that some individuals stepped in to stop the carnage. And it would have been carnage if they had not done so. The voice of reason halted a murder, I am sure of that. And all the while, a mob was baying at its gates.

I am reaching the point when I am failing to recognise the moderate, liberal-minded country of just a few years ago. Now, it has become the opening pages of some dystopian novel and the gruesome conclusion to our idea of shared values.

And I struggle to mention this in company, in case that company is not who I think they are…

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