Give Us This Day…

The heading will have to wait. There is nothing that is occupying my mind at the moment and that’s not a problem as I am only just considering the post for the day.

Yes, body stealers!

Back in the good old/bad old times of the early fifties, the red threat and the yellow peril occupied many people’s minds. That is to say that it could have done so if you hadn’t been living in one of those red or yellow places. The biggest threats for them was presumably the lack of food, the secret police, and the wayward west with its movies, lifestyle, and constant nuclear threats, mutually assured.

‘Just leave us be,’ they may have said if they had been allowed to say anything.

Now one fifth of the way into the twenty-first century, the red and yellow threats have ‘sort of’ disappeared only to be replaced by a new one. The realistic threat of consensual extremism. Imagine going out for a loaf of bread, waiting in the queue for your prefered buns to rise, waiting alongside others who you think are ordinary, bored citizens, have a snatch of conversation thrust upon you, followed by full consensual insertion of a repulsive ideology. But this is happening to bun-lovers all over the world.

You see, the people who look ordinary may just be the others who have been turned. They act like us, laugh like us, dress like us, have polite manners like some of us and appear to be the quintessential liberal leaning, fair beings that we once assumed our world was populated with.

Just what if they were monsters?

An old man leaves the bakery with fresh bread under his arm. He stumbles through the morning light and reminds himself that this is just a day, like any other. On his path, somebody stops and notices. they know him as the one who did not agree. His friend had warned him of this.

“Hey, you. Yes you with the bread. We know where you live. Rest assured.”

The old man shuffled on and did not rest. They had seen him.

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