A Beautiful Life?

It’s becoming a recognised way of thinking, an accepted response to the state in which we find ourselves, an existential outburst, anti-natalism.

For many people, life is not a gift. Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old Indian, actually launched a law- suit against his parents for bringing him into this world. His argument was that the choice of being born was not his, it was forced upon him. And when human existence is “totally pointless” why bother burdening a baby with something that would only provide meaningless struggle?

For some religions, that is the answer. We are born to struggle and, in that struggle, we prove ourselves to be worthy of…? For those believers, life is painful for a reason. It’s like a sado-masochistic convention into which we don’t need an invitation or have to queue; we just get pushed in through the biological doors and then get messed with.

For some people, knowing that life is a ‘meaningless struggle’, the pursuit of pleasure is the purpose. The idea goes something like, ‘whilst I’m here may as well have a drink, get drunk, or just go straight to the sex part’. Desiring pleasure over pain seems more sensible. However, some prefer to shake it up and have a mixed cocktail (like putting salt in sweet foodstuffs as it accentuates the flavour). Yet, the interesting thing with this is that many of us have been taught to press the guilt response as soon as we have enjoyed the taste that is forbidden.

I don’t agree with Raphael. I think life is a gift that comes from a relative at Christmas, the socks with goofy Simpsons faces on just to prove how original we think we are. We wear them in the house and, when we are daring, we wear them for work. Existence may be meaningless but Simpson socks can provide a little light relief from the lifetime of suffering.

Make sense of that if you can.

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      1. Awww… you’re missing out if you dont watch animation. I mean The Simpsons is funny but there is better animation out there.
        I dont watch any TV anymore. We dont have cable. Besides, Ben has control of the main TV and he HAS to have whatever movie is currently his favorite (it can be days, weeks or months of one movie) playing on repeat whether he’s watching it or not. It’s a battle not worth fighting.

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