Half-full or Half-empty?

I don’t quite know where I fall on the scale or if even falling is the mark of a pessimist.

Apparently, being optimistic about life keeps you from dying early.

According to research, the insanely positive types can get to live for an extra 11-15%. That means that if I was to be knocked down by a bus, squashed by a train, or just fell off a cliff (at this very moment), it would not have happened for about another eight and a half years, if I was thinking right.

In that time, I could probably experience another sitting of Trump madness, watch the UK economy implode (due to BREXIT), see totalistarian populism replace reason, and witness my first mass extinction event.

Just saying…

7 thoughts on “Half-full or Half-empty?

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      1. That’s true. But on the other hand it can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies or making a habit of only noticing the bad. Missing out on the good that’s right there next to the bad.
        Philosophy is fun! I could put on my toga and talk about it all day! lol

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