Lost Christmas…6

To reach some more…

Read After Burnout

“How’s the world treating you today, sir?”

I was at the kiosk again and not quite knowing how I got there. That’s the thing with mornings, if you’re not careful they all dissolve into one. Perhaps it’s early onset of something to do with my mind. These days, it’s not working how it once did. I find it almost impossible to locate those things called memories. The here and now is up and gone before I even get the chance to notice it. And then there’s that thing in my apartment, that sense that there is someone else sharing it with me.

I looked at the kiosk owner and he looked at me. He knew something.

“Am I the only one who you greet like this?”

There was a touch of sadness that ended in a smile.

“You know, you have been coming here for an eternity and that’s the…

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