So Far So Good…

It was a nice day.

All the days had been nice. According to later accounts, there were only two people existing to enjoy such days. Their first seven days had passed into something that their children would call a week. The thought of children had never crossed their minds; sex wasn’t even on the radar. The two people didn’t have names, they just wandered around uttering glurps and farty sounds because they had no language. What they did have were outstanding physiques and more than enough in the genitalia department. It still made no difference.

Ignorance was bliss.

They didn’t choose this state. They didn’t just up sticks and decide to move to this Eden. They were just there and had always been there. Had always been farty sound makers who wandered through the trees and bushes whilst occasionally catching their bits on scratchy things.

He didn’t have a name but he thought it may as well be Serpent, as in repent for all the sins he was planning to commit once he got out of this boremaggedon. Tedium was the name of it, complete and utter fart-boggling tedium. Below him the two farty sound makers glurped their way through another sunny day, unaware of either themselves or of him.

The first week of paradise was almost up.

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