Belief in Democracy

We hold democracy as highly as we prize freedom. Both go together like that old Grease song in which Socrates is played by John Travolta and decisions are made through a communal dance. Those with the most votes, win. For Socrates, this was a death warrant. He took it well, showing a philosophical pair of heels to his detractors and ‘outliving’ them in the marathon of history.

I have no doubt that, if he was alive today, he would be forced to down the same hemlock of society’s disdain for not going with the flow.

The flow, in today’s world, is a very rationalist one that takes things for what they are, does not think round, under, or over them. Too much thinking takes valuable time and nothing gets done. Get it done, some statesmen may say. The flow wanted it done and now it is done; dunnish.

Action is good, thinking is bad. Press that button. Exit that union. Think later, or don’t.

I suppose we like action as opposed to thought because it is less painful. It is a certainty. It gets done. If you do it it will be done. Thinking just goes on an on because the easy answers are not really out there. To be or not to be, that is a question.

But the flow can carry on flowing until it reaches a bend and then is forced to change direction once its non-thinking leaders do so, for no other reason than the one that tells them that they need to do something different or they would have to face falling from favour.

Perhaps, then, they would be free.

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  1. I love this!! Sheeple need to wake up and take their power back. It saddens me to see everything headed over a cliff at full speed… sigh…

    I have a question… Do you know anything about homeschooling in UK? That widower father of the dyslexic Aspergers son near York is still getting no support for his son at the school and is considering homeschooling but doesnt know how to go about it. The school is obviously no help. I’d like to help him, but US & UK schools are so different. Does UK have a department in the education system that helps set parents up to homeschool? Any advice or direction would be much appreciated!
    If you’d rather, you can go to my ‘contact’ page on my blog and that goes to my email… less public and all that.
    Thanks Dude😀

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    1. Home schooling is usually organised by the local authority which would have been arranged with the school. The parents should have contacted the North Yorkshire Local Authority and started to make arrangements.

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