Do Not Suffer A Witch…

We tended to do most of our shared work after the sun had fallen. Old Leather seems to like it that way. It’s amazing what can evade notice in such a place as this. Imagine, if you will, a corpse strolling along any major high-street in any town or city in the UK, and then imagine the likely responses. Probably not a good example as I have a feeling that there are already lots of them out there, going about their business without anyone bothering to notice. That’s the thing folks, there are many more of these corpses walking our streets than we would care to realise. Many of them have been around for decades whilst a select few have been around for much, much longer. I personally believe that it was the Leather-vote that swung BREXIT.

Another reason why I preferred the evening to the day is because there’s a bloke who has taken particular exception to both me and Leather. He’s not an ordinary fellow, he’s a preacher. You know the type, Hell’s Fire, Jesus loves you…unless you’re gay or a non-believer. They guy doesn’t seem to harm anybody. Okay, his views are a little extreme (nothing compared to the ones I had in my previous incarnation), but the only people who are likely to get hurt by what he says are those that listen to him. Other people just take a wide-birth around him whilst some kids mock his Old-Testament delivery. What bothers me is the way that he watches us as we pass. His eyes narrow as if to focus them on evil. His voice becomes stronger and his finger begins to point. 

“In our world, there is evil walking amongst us. Even now, on this very street, walks an aberration. It is a witch and its imp. God will not suffer a witch. He says that we must burn them when they are found.”

He’s gone through this a number of times and I am grateful to the Lord above that we live in such secular times and that nobody pays attention to madmen who preach on the public highways.   

From Flowers And The Dead

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