Monday Thoughts…

When To Stop Dreaming And Start Scheming…

All dreams and fantasies stop here. The sign read. Well, it didn’t really read as shout.

You have been warned! I had been warned! I was being warned!

What is the point of dreaming if that is what it is? An intangible smorgasbord of images and ideas that disappear from one’s mind at the moment of waking. However, I hear you say, some of us remember our dreams, they come back to us like psychic regurgitations  during the course of the day, whilst doing activities, whilst stepping on mind-fields that trigger an explosion of memory. They are those ‘Ah’ moments, those ‘deja vu’ moments, you have been there before, and then the realisation that the dream has come back. I dreamt the other night that I was in a place of work that I had long since left and I was asking questions about someone who had work there all those years before. I was told that he had left after the summer. I asked the reason for his departure, ‘He was getting ready to poppit,’ was the response.

But, I am not thinking about these dreams, I am thinking about the waking dreams, the dreams that began with, ‘What do you want be become when you are older?’ 

It wasn’t acceptable to reply with wiser, brainier, happier, not what they wanted was something more specific, something linked to the workplace, something real. There has always seemed to be a yawning disparity between the real and the unreal. Dreams fall into the latter category unless they are achieved. It’s the achieving bit that can be tricky.

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