Little Island…

We have such big hopes for the future, us little islanders. Once we thought we ruled the world. We made everything British and some made it all English. Now we are ready to rise again, prepared to take our place at the head of a long table. Exporters all over the world are queuing up in order to sell us their wares, and to buy ours. Life is rosey; life is rose-tinted and the spectacles are free.

They have told us that things will be better than ever. We will be able to trade with who we want, let who we want in, and fish where we want (in our own waters). We can even drape our Union Jacks from our bedroom windows regardless of the fact the the Union is not as united as it once may have been.

A friend of mine assures me that all we will lack is a decent supply of strawberries. For me, I am incredibly sad. I liked being a European and enjoyed my country being a part of Europe. I liked the fact that my daughters love Europe and wanted to live and work there. My wife and I still harbour dreams of retiring there.

Thank you BREXIT for taking me back to the small, narrow, closed island that I grew up in.

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  1. I remember when EU was formed and how great I thought it was. A positive move toward acceptance, tolerance…peace.
    Brexit makes me so sad. The US and the UK have elected horrible people that are doing horrible things.
    It’s just sad💔

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