Talking Turkey, Loudly…

The USA and the UK are two nations separated by a common language. What’s more to the point is that they are separated by a volume and emphasis dial.

I have just been reading articles of news and came across one from the States which dealt with the rather cuddly story of a man finding a box of bear cubs on his lawn. Now, his first thought was that these furry creatures were puppies but on closer inspection he found them to be none other that bear babies. The news presenter did not say ‘bears’ as one would pronounce a normal word. Somehow ‘bears’ became a booming, elongated, Disney inspired BBBBEEEAAAAAARS!

The guy who found them on his lawn followed suite with his version of BBBBEEEEAAAARS and the story lost its hold. I had to move onto something slightly less insane about a mad president firing all the first-born in his government and a Prime Minister who has decided that the role of government is to sit and do absolutely nothing, though the latter is less stressed.

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